Parks ServiceNow Support Tickets

Types of Service you can Request:

Payroll Forms Request:

Submit request for overtime and/or shift differential approval

Mobile Device Request:

Request to add/remove/upgrade mobile devices and plans (iPhone/iPads/Mifis)


Marketing Support Request

Request support from our Marketing team

Committee and Commission Support

Marketing team request to upload and post agendas and minutes to the appropriate web pages.

Utilizing the Parks ServiceNow Support Tickets is the most efficient way to ensure your requests gets handled in a timely manner during all parks operating hours. 

In the event, you were not trained, the expectation is to reach out to Michael Alferez (951) 955-5462 or Ryan Mark (951) 955-4318 and they can schedule training or provide assistance in submitting your tickets

Please remember that only those who have a Riverside County email address ( can submit tickets. Camp Hosts and Volunteers will need to inform staff when there is an IT need.

Click here to reach the landing page of the Parks ServiceNow page