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Are You A "City-Type" Girl?


Why are you interested in County vs City parks and recreation operations?  It seems like you are city type girl?


Well, I’m not sure what a “city type girl” is, but yes, I grew up in and currently live in a city…and I can see how being in the office all day makes me appear like a city girl, as clothing for Board Meeting is not the same as clothing worn for a day out exploring our trails.  Believe me, if it was socially appropriate to wear jeans and t-shirts to a board meeting I would do so!

Parks folks come from all types of backgrounds and that’s what makes us unique, there is something for everybody.  Whether you like fishing, boating, camping, hiking, birding, biking, riding a horse, learning about history or learning about nature – there is something for everyone.  We all have room to find something to learn about and enjoy in our parks.

As you may know, I worked for the City of Fontana both in Parks/Recreation and in the City Manager’s office.  I believe there is a natural progression from City Parks work to County Parks work which operates on a regional level.  I began in the field of recreation, and learned about all aspects of the work that cities provide…from active programs and events to performing arts and community centers. I’ve done everything from clean restrooms and painting buildings to producing large scale events and public television shows.  I soon began to have an interest in how I could make an impact at a larger level and I needed more challenges.  When I came to county parks I again started in recreation management but moved to something larger and broader with oversight of the parks from an administrative level.  I have overseen every aspect of the work, which involves work in an office (City) to work out in the field.   

I think this question is a good one because it also shows me that sharing my story helps connect with all of you in new and different ways.  We all come from different backgrounds and interests but we have all found our place here.

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