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COVID Closures and Cabin Use


Still not happy about this. Last year I tried to book a cabin and they said it was closed (becuase) of Covid. Okay. They were put on hold then [for an employee] and [their] folks got to stay there. I saw it twice. Why?


NOTE: The individual named in your original question was removed due to the fact that several employees booked a stay during the pandemic, not just that individual.

During the past year and a half, we've had to make many adjustments to our operations, including reducing capacity of campgrounds, and during some times, full closures. Some of these changes were based on State mandates, and other times it was simply based on staffing levels and our ability to keep facilities clean and safe. That said, it may not have been clear to all employees (or volunteers) what facilities were still available to our workforce. For that, I apologize. The rapidly changing nature of the pandemic created challenges keeping pace with communication.

Throughout the pandemic, we have worked hard to support all employees and volunteers as each person has been impacted differently. We strived to make our facilities available to the greatest extent possible. Several employees, including the one you named in your original question, took advantage of using the Lawler Lodge and Alpine Cabins for a getaway. In addition, once cabins and campgrounds were open for use, several employees booked sites through normal reservation processes.

I'd like to emphasize that we strive to allow employees and volunteers to use our campgrounds, cabins and lodge, to help see the benefits and share their experiences with others. Using these spaces help our workforce to better understand the accommodations and amenities and give them a better understanding for promoting their use to guests. If you have had trouble booking a reservation through Guest Services, I encourage you to reach out to Chief Dustin McLain, Assistant Director Gettis, or directly through my office. We are eager to help ALL employees and volunteers in compliance with our policies in an effort to promote knowledge and awareness.

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