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Guest Incident Reports


Why don’t park staff receive updates on incident reports, i.e., what happens to guests who have caused problems? Are there any consequences such as banning (from the park), or fines?


Actions pertaining to guests where incidents occur are handled at the park level. It is up to the site Supervisor and/or Manager to determine the appropriate response to incidents and make recommendations for asking guests to leave and/or banning them from the park site. While these actions have been taken several times in recent years, it does take violation from the guest that rises to the level of expulsion. Beyond park rules, guest must be in violation of Ordinance 328, and typically either have documented repeat offenses, or the behavior has to be bad enough that one offense leads to asking them not to return. The Supervisor and Manager would need to communicate their desire to ban the individual, along with providing evidence to support their decision. To date (in my 10 years of working for the District), I have only received a handful of these requests. If you are concerned about the activity occurring at your park site, you should start by communicating your concerns to your direct Supervisor and/or Manager. If you are not satisfied with their response, you are welcome to make an appointment with your respective Chief, the Assistant Parks Director, or me so that we may address your concerns.

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