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Housing, Vehicles, & Policies, Oh My!


On site housing and vehicle/resource access is a frequent topic among staff. Many feel that transparent policies regarding onsite housing are due.

Is it against policy for staffers to take vehicle keys home for convenience? (Vehicles themselves don't appear to used improperly, but access to vehicles has been impeded in the past due to this informal practice).


I'll break this answer into two parts to cover both topics.

1) Housing: I'm sorry there appears to be confusion around housing. Our goal is to be transparent. Fortunately, there is a policy specific to Employee Housing at District Facilities which can be found right here on our intranet site, The ParkBuzz under Documents >> District Policies. Specifically, it's policy 7.5 District Employee Housing. Hopefully this helps clear things up for staff.

2) Vehicle/Resource Access: There are several policies that pertain to use of District Vehicles. County Policy D-2, County Policy D-10, District Policy 7.2 , and other policies/guidelines as referenced in District Policy 7.2. Vehicles are not generally assigned to one specific person, but rather a team or unit. Keys should remain available to those authorized to drive District vehicles. That said, keys must be kept secure to prevent them from being stolen or misplaced. Most sites keep keys within a lock box or lockable drawer where multiple staff might have access and a check out system should be established to keep track of the asset. If this system does not exist at your site, speak with your supervisor to see if you can help develop one, or bring the issue up to your manager and together, a solution can be found to ensure necessary vehicles remain available to those that need them.

As a general rule, I you have questions about policies, your supervisor is a great resource, as well as our NEW and IMPROVED Intranet site (! Don't be shy - take a few minutes to explore the new site and become familiar with our policies and procedures.

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