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What's the future outlook for CIPs?


With everything that has occurred this year, I want to know what RivCoParks big picture plan is. It would be nice to see upgrades in campground facilities, but knowing that our financial situation is still recovering, when would we start seeing CIPs being planned and scheduled? Ideally, it would be nice to know what our possible outlooks for the future would look like.


Thank you for your inquiry about CIP projects and investments in our Parks. It is challenging to plan for investments when we still face financial uncertainty I the midst of the pandemic. That said, we still have to plan and chip away at our infrastructure needs. This year is no exception. As the pandemic began, we evaluated the projects planned for the current year. Since many of these are grand funded, we were able to continue without interruption. These projects include:

  • Segments of the Santa Ana River Trail

  • Salt Creek Trail

  • Kabian OHV Restoration Project

  • Hidden Valley Shade Shelters 

Other CIP projects have dedicated funding sources that we have continued to work on:

  • Harford Springs Trailhead

  • Rancho Jurupa Park Splashpad Improvements

  • Lake Skinner Sewer Improvement Project

  • Jensen-Alvarado Ranch – Lead Abatement & Repainting

  • Santa Rosa Plateau ADA Improvements

  • Santa Rosa Plateau Amphitheater Replacement

  • Cal OES Repairs at McCall & Hurkey Creek

As we embark on planning for the next year, we’ll evaluate our budget status and review our list of CIP projects to determine priorities. On the horizon are the following projects and their identified funding sources:

  • Santa Ana River Trail (multiple phases) – Primarily Grant Funded/ Some DIF Funding

  • Lake Skinner Boat Launch – Grant Funded

  • Lake Skinner Lift Station #1 Replacement – DIF funds

  • Mayflower Sewer Project – Solar Project Funds, District CIP funds, Prop 68 Per Capita Funds

Ultimately, the number, type and location of projects will depend on the amount of operating, CIP and specific grant funds we have available.

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