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Marketing Support Requests

Your marketing team provides assistance in developing materials you need to promote, publicize, inform, and communicate with guests, partners, supporters, and volunteers. 


Assistance is available to help develop your marketing campaigns, then produce and implement what is needed.  Project fulfillment can include physical products such as signs, brochures, flyers, business cards, etc., and electronic products such as graphic design files, photos, videos, social media posts, website presence, e-mail blasts, etc.   


Please click on the request marketing support button below when you are ready to submit your project.

Feel free to contact the marketing department with requests for marketing meeting planning, marketing requests, or other needs. 

Jacquelyn Muller, Public Information/Marketing Specialist:  (951) 295-2034

Marketing Files & Logos

Below are official logos for RivCoParks, individual RivCoParks sites, Riverside County, Riverside County Parks Foundation, CAPRA & Parks Make Life Better.  Do not distort or stretch the proportions of these logos when you use them.


Please contact the marketing department if you need any of our logos for your projects. 

RivCoParks Logo - Color (Outlines).jpg
County Riv Logo.png
RivCoParks Stacked Leaf - black.png
One Line Leaf Logo - RivCoParks.png
RivCoParks Tent Stack logo - black.png
RivCoParks One Line Tent - black.png
CAPRA logo color.png
RJU_ParkLogo - black.png
HCK_ParkLogo - black.png
Parks Make Life Better Logo - color.png
Parks Make Life Better Logo - Black.png
IDY_ParkLogo - black.png
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