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Prior CAPRA Self Assessments

CAPRA Self Assessment 2023

Agency Authority, Role, and Responsibility

1.1 Source of Authority

1.1.1 Approving Authority/Policy Body

1.1.2  Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees

1.2 Periodic Timetable for Review of Documents

1.2.1 Document Approval

1.3 Jurisdiction

1.4 Mission

1.4.1 Agency Goals and Objectives

1.5 Vision


2.1 Overall Planning Function within Agency 

2.8 Historical and Cultural Resource Management Plans

2.9 Community Involvement 

2.10 ADA Transition Plan


Organization and Administration

3.2 Administrative Offices

3.2.1 Support Services

3.3 Internal Communications

3.5.1 – Management Information Systems

3.6 Records Management Policy and Procedures 

3.6.1 Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan and Procedures


Human Resources

4.1.4 Selection Process

4.1.5 Background Investigation

4.1.9 Performance Evaluation

4.2 Staff Qualifications

4.3 Job Analyses for Job Descriptions

4.5 Workforce Health and Wellness Program

4.6 Orientation Program

4.6.1 – Employee Training and Development Program

4.6.2 Professional Certification and Organizational Membership

4.7 Volunteer Management

4.7.2 Volunteer Recruitment, Selection, Orientation, T​

4.7.3 Supervision and Evaluation of Volunteers

4.7.4 Recognition of Volunteers

4.1.8 Compensation Plan

4.1.14 – Social Media Policies Regarding Staff Use

Financial Management

5.1.3 Grants Procedure

5.2.1 Authority and Responsibility for Fiscal Management

5.3 Accounting System 

5.3.2 Position Authorization Procedure 

Programs and Services Management
6.1 Recreation Programming Plan

6.1.2 Participant Involvement​

6.1.3 Self-Directed Programs and Services

6.1.4 Leader-Directed Programs and Services

6.1.5 Facilitated Programs and Services

6.1.6 Cooperative Programming

6.2 Program Objectives

6.3.1 Outreach to Diverse Underserved Populations

6.4 Community Education for Leisure Process

6.4.1 Community Health and Wellness Education and Promotion

6.5 Code of Conduct

6.5.1 Concussion Protocol


Facility and Land Use Management

7.2 Areas and Facilities Development Policies and Procedures

7.3 Defense Against Encroachment Procedures

7.5 Maintenance and Operations Management Standards

7.5.2 Preventative Maintenance Plan​

7.9 Natural Resource Management Plans and Procedures

7.9.1 Recycling and Zero Waste Plan

7.11 Capital Asset Depreciation and Replacement Schedule


Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Security

8.1.1 Staff Liaison to Law Enforcement 

8.4 Public Information on Laws, Ordinances, Rules, Regulations, and Policies 

8.4.1 In Service Training for Staff on Public Safety and Law Enforcement 

8.4.2 Handling Disruptive Behavior Procedures

8.4.3 Traffic Control, Parking Plans, and Crowd Control 

8.5 General Security Plan

Risk Management

9.1.1 Risk Management Plan and Procedures

9.1.2 Accident and Incident Report Procedures


Evaluation, Assessment, and Research

10.1.2 Staff Training on how to Evaluate Programs, Services, and Facilities

10.1.1 Responsibility for Evaluation

10.2 Outcomes Assessment

10.5 Program and Service Statistics 

10.5.3 NRPA Metrics

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