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CAPRA Self Assessment

CAPRA Self Assessment 2023

Agency Authority, Role, and Responsibility

1.1 Source of Authority


1.1.1 Approving Authority/Policy Body

1.1.2  Citizen Advisory Boards/Committees

1.2 Periodic Timetable for Review of Documents

1.2.1 Document Approval

1.3 Jurisdiction

1.4 Mission

1.5 Vision


2.10 ADA Transition Plan

Organization and Administration

3.3 Internal Communications

3.6.1 Records Disaster Mitigation and Recovery Plan and Procedures


Human Resources

Financial Management

5.2.1 Authority and Responsibility for Fiscal Management

Programs and Services Management
6.1 Recreation Programming Plan

6.5.1 Concussion Protocol

Facility and Land Use Management

7.9.1 Recycling and Zero Waste Plan

Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Security

8.5 General Security Plan

Risk Management

Evaluation, Assessment, and Research

10.1.2– Staff Training on how to Evaluate Programs, Services, and Facilities

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